A Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

A Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond engagement ring

You’re ready to make your purchase, but you don’t know what style to get. There are several things to consider: style, price, carat weight, setting, and so on. Hopefully, this guide will help you decide on a perfect diamond engagement ring for your future bride-to-be. Now, you can begin to search for the perfect diamond engagement ring, complete with her name on the band. Regardless of your taste, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you get started.


If you are a bit unsure of which style of engagement ring will be best for your fiance, there are many different options to choose from. Cathedral arches styles have been popular for decades. These rings feature a band that is split in two at the center of the ring and are adorned with pave diamonds. This style is also popular in modern times. The cathedral arches style can be created with a plain band or with diamonds set in a halo.

This classic style is the most popular of all. A solitaire Diamond ring ideas ring features a single stone set in four or six prongs on either side of the ring’s band. Solitaire rings are perfect for a first-date or an anniversary because they are simple, timeless, and require little maintenance. In addition, solitaires can be passed down from generation to generation. For a unique engagement ring, consider going for an unusual shape, or a style that is both timeless and unique.


While choosing a ring, consider the person’s lifestyle. If she is active, you might want to choose a more durable ring. Various types of metals are available, and some are cheaper than others. Platinum, for example, is one of the most durable metals, but it is also the most expensive. You should also consider future big purchases – perhaps a house or honeymoon – to determine if you should spend more money on a diamond engagement ring.

The overall price of a one-carat diamond ring is largely determined by the style and metal chosen for its setting. Adding more diamonds and gemstones or selecting platinum or other more expensive forms of gold will increase the price considerably. The size of the ring is also a factor, as the larger it is, the more expensive it is. Similarly, a thin band with less diamond accents will be less expensive than a larger one.

Carat weight

When buying a diamond engagement ring, it is important to understand how much a ring’s total carat weight should be. The size and shape of the center stone will determine the carat weight, but many rings will also include other diamonds that count towards the total weight. For example, a ring with a single diamond 0.20ct in weight would have a total carat weight of 1.50ct.

Diamonds range from 1 to 30 carats. You can also purchase engagement rings with side stones in different colors, including rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. The total carat weight of a diamond engagement ring will depend on the size of the center stone, as well as the size of the individual side stones. If you are buying a ring with a center stone that weighs one carat, expect it to cost more than a diamond engagement ring with a 1.50 carat stone.


Before you choose a ring’s setting, you must decide whether it’s timeless or modern. While the setting itself may be the most important feature of an engagement ring, the band’s style can make a significant impact. For instance, a band with a pear-shaped diamond in a two-tone metal is a classic tension style. A modern tension-style setting mimics this type of setting with a band with a bezel-setting around a round diamond.

While most engagement rings feature four or six-prong settings, there are also many variations available. These include a band or ring wrap or a single stone. A traditional setting emphasizes the diamond in the center, but there are many options available for personalizing a single-stone ring. A shared-prong setting allows the diamond to reflect light more effectively and is a popular choice for rings with larger diamonds.