Carpet Cleaning – How to Keep Your Floors Looking and Feeling Great

Carpet Cleaning – How to Keep Your Floors Looking and Feeling Great

Carpet Cleaning keeps your floors looking and feeling great. It removes the ground-in dirt that causes your carpet fibers to snag and wear, even in high-traffic areas. Professional cleaning also removes the bacteria, fungus and dust mites that build up inside your carpeting, which can cause allergic reactions and other health problems.

Proper care of your carpet can extend its life significantly. Regular vacuuming, prompt spot removal and periodic professional cleaning are the best ways to keep your carpet in top condition.

Vacuuming: Carpet Cleaning should be vacuumed at least once a week, preferably twice, to prevent soils from grinding into the fibers and damaging them. Small particles of sand, clay, glass and other debris are tracked into the carpet by people and animals, and they rub against the fibers like sandpaper, wearing them down and shortening the life of your carpet. A good vacuuming removes these particles and lengthens the life of your carpet.

Prompt Spot Removal: Spills and spots should be cleaned up immediately. Avoid rubbing – this can spread the stain and make it more difficult to remove. Instead, blot the spot with clean white cloths or paper towels until most of the liquid is absorbed. Then use a dry sponge to absorb the remaining moisture.

Periodic Professional Cleaning: Most major carpet manufacturers recommend professional, hot water extraction cleaning at least once a year. This is the most effective way to remove deep-seated soils and stains. It removes allergens and bacteria, including fungi, mildew and dust mites, which help reduce respiratory irritation and other health problems.

If you have pets, children or elderly family members, consider more frequent professional cleanings. Dirty carpets trap these and other contaminants, reducing indoor air quality.

Professionals have specialized equipment that you cannot buy or rent at your local hardware store. They precondition your carpet with a chemical solution that loosens stains and dirt. Then they rinse the carpet with very hot, sometimes 200 degree, water — which actually is steam. The heated water and chemical mixture evaporates almost instantly, removing dirt and other residue and leaving the carpet fresh and clean.

Before hiring a carpet cleaner, ask about their procedures and what they guarantee. They should be able to provide you with specific instructions for maintaining your carpeting, including the recommended maintenance schedule. Also, ask about the types of chemicals they use and their potential impact on the environment and your health. They may also suggest alternatives to the chemicals that are most appropriate for your situation.