Choosing a Moving Company

Choosing a Moving Company

A moving company is responsible for transporting customers’ belongings, and it can be a big decision to choose the right one. A few key factors to consider are type of move, cost and services offered. Those on a budget may want to opt for a container mover while those with more expensive belongings might prefer full-service door-to-door options. Customers should also take stock of what they’re moving and note any special items that require specialized service.

When determining which company to go with, the type of move will be the most influential factor. For example, a customer moving within a local 50- to 100-mile radius can likely get by with a local company, but those who plan on transporting their vehicle across state lines will need an interstate mover. Additionally, many moving companies offer a wide range of additional services, such as storage and furniture disassembly and assembly.

North American Van Lines is an excellent option for interstate moves, as it has a large network of locations and specializes in this kind of transportation. Its industry certifications, high marks from customers and availability nationwide make it a solid choice for anyone moving to a new state.

Another great option for long-distance moves is Mayzlin Relocation. Its movers are experts at transporting household goods, and the company’s dedication to quality shows in its reviews. Customers say the company provides a fair and accurate quote, up-front pricing and easy booking. Its employees are well-trained and can handle a variety of specialized items, from paintings to antiques and even family heirlooms.

When choosing a moving company, it’s important to read through reviews and ask for references before making a final decision. Reviews can help a customer determine how friendly and helpful the staff is, and they can also provide insight into how well a move is going. A customer should also pay attention to the number of complaints, as a large number of complaints can be a red flag.

The most reputable moving companies are honest and transparent with their customers. They should provide an upfront quote for the entire move, including any potential fees, and they should not charge for services they didn’t include in the initial estimate. The company should also provide a written bill of lading that specifies all costs and dates involved in the move.

Lastly, a good moving company should be active in its community and participate in charitable events. This will show that it cares about its customers and the community, which can help establish a positive reputation. It’s also important for a moving company to have insurance coverage to protect its customers and their belongings during a move. These companies typically carry liability and cargo insurance. Customers can check the company’s policy on its website or by contacting its office. It is also wise to have an attorney review any contract before signing it. A good lawyer can make sure that the customer is protected against any unexpected charges.