How Linktree Does It Work?

How Linktree Does It Work?

how linktree does it works

If you’re wondering how Linktree works, you’ve come to the right place. First of all, you need to sign up by entering an email address and a password. Next, you’ll need to input information about your business and its categories. Then, you’ll need to choose a plan, either free or paid PRO. From here, you can view the URL of your Linktree page and preview its content.


Linktree has several limitations. Its free version only shows two metrics: lifetime views and clicks. From a digital marketing standpoint, this information is useless. Linktree is a valuable tool if you’re looking to get in front of more customers, but the limitation with Linktree is that it interferes with your users’ journey. Most users will feel bombarded with too many links and will eventually hit “decision paralysis.”

Limitations of the free plan

The limitations of the free plan on Linktree vary, but there is usually no need to upgrade if you’re satisfied with the free version. The platform has two pricing plans, a free forever plan and a $7 monthly PRO plan. The free plan gives you unlimited links, basic analytics, and customization. You can also change your profile picture and include links from Amazon’s Influencer Program. Additionally, the free plan comes with nine different color schemes. That way, if you don’t want to stick to a certain color scheme, you can still use your own branding.

Limitations of the PRO plan

As far as paid plans go, Linktree is one of theĀ most affordable. Their free plan is a great option for beginners, but it is far from ideal for serious webmasters. The lack of detailed statistics and the branding may put some people off. Besides, they are constantly changing and optimizing their software. If you need a powerful tool to track the number of clicks on your links, you might want to consider upgrading to a PRO plan.

Cost of a PRO plan

Using Linktree is free, but if you want more features and customization, you should upgrade to the PRO plan. A PRO plan will cost you $6/month, or $72/year. The free plan will allow you to post unlimited links, get basic analytics, and customize your profile. For example, you can choose from one of nine color schemes to give your profile a consistent brand image. But if you want to be able to sell your followers’ email addresses, you’ll need the PRO plan.

Cost of a free plan

A free linktree plan comes with a few limitations. You can’t embed YouTube videos on your profile or set up payment links. You can also set up Messenger or email accounts, or build an opt-in list. This plan is perfect for content creators, small businesses, bloggers, and other websites without a large budget. The only drawback is the one-time cost, which might not justify the benefits.