ILO NDIS Sunshine Coast

ILO NDIS Sunshine Coast

The NDIS is a new system for planning and funding disability support. It allows participants to build and maintain a life that suits them. It also provides opportunities for participants to live in their own home or community, with the people they like and get the disability support they need.

Individualised Living Options (ILO) is a new way for participants to explore their home and living arrangements. This involves identifying their needs and goals for housing and living, then exploring options that will help them achieve those goals.

ILO NDIS Sunshine Coast is a new form of support that allows participants to ILO NDIS Sunshine Coast choose the home they want and the way they want to live. It also gives them the freedom to have formal and informal supports working alongside each other.

There are several different ILO arrangements, including: Co-residency – the participant lives with someone else and receives support from them. Host arrangement – the participant lives full time with a non-related host who also provides some support. Independent living – the participant lives alone and has support in their own home. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to find the arrangement that works best for you.

ILO arrangements work with the same support structure as SIL, and they are funded through a line item on the NDIS Price Guide. However, the ILO price guide specifies that the dollar amount does not include housing costs such as rent or mortgage. The NDIS also does not cover other everyday living expenses like food or activities. This means that it’s essential to speak with a specialist provider, like Home Caring, to ensure you understand the pricing model before you make a decision about ILO.

If you are interested in ILO and would like to know more about how it could benefit you, contact the team at Home Caring today. Our friendly consultants are here to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need.

We can help you plan your ILO support and put it into action. We have experience in supporting NDIS participants in their chosen homes and we can assist with organising the supports you need to meet your goals and lifestyle.

Whether you require an ILO support package or are just starting out, our experts can help you explore your choices and develop the right accommodation and lifestyle plan for you. We can also help you connect with other NDIS-funded or mainstream services.

The ILO support category in your NDIS plan includes the costs of any housing supports you need to set up your chosen living arrangement. This could include a specially designed house or an existing house that’s been modified to suit your needs. It may also involve accessibility additions such as wide doors and a hoist in the bathroom or bedroom.

There is also a short-term accommodation option known as Medium Term Accommodation, or MTA, that’s available in some ILO arrangements. This is a temporary support arrangement that can be claimed for up to 90 days, and the prices are listed in the NDIS Price Guide.