The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program at the University of Phoenix

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program at the University of Phoenix

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program provides students with a wide variety of skills that can help them enter the health care industry. This interdisciplinary program prepares students to evaluate and plan services that promote health and wellbeing. It also provides a foundation in critical thinking and problem-solving. Students are encouraged to pursue internships during the school year to gain hands-on experience.

The curriculum of this interdisciplinary program has a strong focus on leadership and professionalism. Students study current challenges in the healthcare industry and learn how providers deliver evidence-based care. They also learn about the role of communication and ethical communication skills in the health care industry.

Students who graduate with this degree can find employment in both theĀ private and public healthcare sectors. Career opportunities include working in health care management, wellness centers, fitness facilities, and other health-related businesses. Graduates can also attend graduate school in healthcare related fields. Many health sciences programs have additional concentrations that students can choose from. Some of these concentrations include Community Health, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Aging Health Studies, International Health, Health and the Mind, and more.

In addition to the core courses, students are required to complete electives that are focused on health and wellness. These include courses such as substance prevention education and health concepts for adolescents. There are also several certificates available to health science students. One option is the Gerontology Studies Certificate. A third option is the Health and the Mind certificate.

The curriculum is structured around the Interprofessional Collaborative Practice model. It includes values, teams, and roles. Students also study topics such as health intervention and health assessment. In addition to studying the health care industry, students are also taught about the US health care system, leadership, and research design.

Students who choose this track have the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The university offers a BS in Health Sciences as well as a Master of Occupational Therapy. Both options can be completed online. As a BS in Health Sciences student, you can expect to take up to 60 credits in upper-level coursework. You’ll also need to maintain an overall GPA of 2.5. Additionally, you’ll need to enroll in the Health Sciences Internship course. This course requires 20 contact hours per week during the semester.

Health sciences students at the University of Phoenix can choose between the Clinical and Applied Sciences and the Health Services Management tracks. While the Clinical and Applied Sciences track allows students to gain scientific and clinical experience, the Health Services Management track focuses on the business side of the healthcare industry. Each track includes two different internships. During the co-op, students will work with renowned health care organizations such as NovaCare, Good Shepherd Penn Partners, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Students who have been accepted into a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences program can enroll part-time or full-time. Full-time students can expect to complete the program in about 21 months. Those who plan to pursue a master’s degree can also complete a five-year BS + MS program.