The Elizabeth Zerul Course

The Elizabeth Zerul Course

elizabeth zamerul course

The psicodrama of FERRACINI, L. G., and GOMES, C. M. P. is a key component of the Elizabeth Zerul Course. It aims to help individuals cope with the difficulties they face in their lives, especially those who suffer from anxiety. Both FERRACINI and GOMES use this psicodrama as a model to develop a better understanding of their own personalities.


A Sociodrama – a Psicotherapy Course authored by FERRACINI, LUCIO G. and CEPEDA, N. is an excellent course that will provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully complete this course. The course is comprised of three sections: psicodrama theory, psicodrama techniques, and a case study. The first part explains the various types of psychotherapy and focuses on DR and SPC, or Sentiment, Pensament, Comportment.

FERRACINI, L. G. is a professor and psicodrama expert. He teaches a Psicodrama course that uses psicodrama to explore the effects of psychodrama on human behavior. His work has been published in numerous journals and textbooks. He has also lectured at the University of Sao Judas Tadeu and is an expert in psicodrama.


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The book is written by FERRACINI, L. G., a psiologist and a psicotherapist. FERRACINI is also a professor of sociodrama. The authors also include CEPEDA, N. and SILVA, D. A. P. (doc). They are all recognized professionals in their field.

The authors are experts in psicodrama. The book is written for students who are interested in psicodrama. Both FERRACINI and GOMES focus on the psychodrama technique. This form of training has proved to be effective in many therapeutic settings, ranging from psychiatric hospitals to community mental health clinics.