Work Alone Tracking – How It Can Help Your Business

Work Alone Tracking – How It Can Help Your Business

Work alone tracking is a simple but effective way to improve the safety of your lone workers. It enables you to know where your staff are in real-time and send alerts if they enter a certain area or fail to check in after a specified amount of time.

The most common workplace monitoring systems involve placing RFID tags on lone workers, which are then sent to a central hub. This data is then accessed by a receiver and used to determine the lone worker’s location.

Some lone worker tracking devices are wireless, while others use GPS to track the employee’s location. Some are even connected to satellite systems that allow the business to see where their lone workers are in real-time, whether they’re on land or at sea.

A lone worker’s work is often isolated, so it’s important to have a solution¬† that can keep them safe when they’re out on site or working in an area by themselves. Fortunately, a wide range of safety solutions are now available to address the issues faced by lone workers, with automation and ease of use at the forefront.

Get HomeSafe

Having a lone worker monitoring system is one of the best ways to protect lone workers and meet your employer’s Health and Safety At Work Act obligations. With the right solution in place, you can carry out automated check-ins and request emergency alerts to help mitigate some of the most common lone worker emergencies such as falls, electrocution or violent assaults.

Automated Work-Alone Solutions Save Money And Time

The cost of implementing an automated work-alone monitoring system can be a significant financial saving for any business. They also reduce the time and resources needed to administer safety checks. This can free up supervisors to spend more time on other priorities and ultimately improve the safety of their employees.

It’s also easy to implement, with minimal hardware required. It can be scaled up to suit your business as it grows and new employees are added to the team.

Privacy Mode

When an employee is using the StaySafe app, they can control when their location is visible to their employer in the hub. They’ll only be logged into the app whilst on shift and working and can choose to turn off location tracking completely at any point. This is ideal for lone workers who are worried about their privacy but still want to be protected when on site alone.

Our lone worker apps use GPS technology to keep track of the employees whereabouts throughout their period of lone working and can update the map within the app whenever they change location. This ensures that they can receive help quickly in the event of an emergency, so they don’t have to worry about being stranded away from their home or family.

We recommend the GPS High setting, which is the most accurate and continuously updates your employee’s location every 10 seconds. This is perfect for those who work in areas where they may not have constant Wi-Fi or data signal.